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What We're About

The chicken you are about to eat is very personal to us. It represents hundreds of hours of trials, years of searching, and heated debates, to offer fried chicken that we are proud to stand behind. It all starts with our own brine, made with heavy citrus, that soaks plump drumsticks and boneless thighs, jumbo whole wings, and breasts for 24 hours. Our dredge, made with rice flour for that crunch we all love, is next. Then, it is dipped in Kapper’s Big Red Barn buttermilk (a local farmer), and dredged again. The chicken then gets dropped in our pressure fryer, and cooked to our desired look and texture. Please feel free to slather your chicken in local honey butter, and don’t forget the lemon! We hope you can find the sensory joy in this experience.


Counter Service With Style 

Since we're a counter-service restaurant (meaning, we don't have waitstaff, you order everything yourself at your leisure) we do not take any reservations and we're first come, first serve! However, we aren't just boring "counter service", we've made things super easy and convenient for everyone!


1) Order from a kiosk-- walk in, order at the kiosks, get a number, grab a seat, we'll run everything to you.

2) Scan the QR code at your table, view the menu, see what you want, order up at the kiosks, and bam, you're all set! It really is the future!

3) Order from the bar inside and get waited on-- if you still want service, we got you. Grab a seat at the bar, and the bartender will wait on you, take your order, and bring your food out when it's ready. Old school style.

Whatever dining experience you'd prefer, you can have it!

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