Rumor has it Colonel Sanders once said, “I’m too drunk to taste this chicken.” But that wasn’t the case for Justin on an R&D trip where he sat sipping on a cocktail at the Congress Hotel in NYC. He couldn’t stop thinking about some piping hot bird he had the day before at the International Chef Conference. 


Floating chickens, visions of sugar plums, and smoked brisket danced in his head as he headed home to Rochester. Before long, Justin wanted to add fried chicken to everything: burgers, soup, ice cream, he couldn’t stop. His love for vegetables, and their misrepresentation, also came into play as he envisioned amazing sidekicks to the meat-based dishes.


The idea for Porch came from the want, and overall need, for a brand new restaurant concept. Here, we want to feed your soul, as well as fill your stomaches. Fried chicken really hadn’t been touched by many except the Colonel and Popeye.


The idea had stuck for so long, that we were determined to make it a reality. First up, finding a location, and it wasn’t until we saw the old train depot that we made it official. Before long, the restaurant was ready, menus typed up, and staffed with some of the coolest people we could find.


The food starts with Chef Justin Schoville. With all the experience, enthusiasm, and innovation he has, he can make you a pretty damn good meal. He pours his heart and soul into every dish he creates, and it’s truly remarkable. Whenever you eat something from Justin, you really will fall in love with every bite.

Our office administration, as well as daily operations, is run by Lindsay Zubay. She takes care of all the behind the scenes— she’s the man behind the curtain. 


The entire staff that we have is vital and important, and we really couldn’t pull this off if not for them. Some are newbies and some are veterans. Each and every one of our staff comes in happy and ready to work.


Porch features items such as fried chicken, smoked brisket, kale salad, pork sandwiches, Brussels sprouts, meatloaf —the list is endless, but there will be something for everyone. Overall, the theme is comfort; comfort food, comfortable atmosphere, comfortable dishes you’ll be familiar


20 4th Street SE Upper Level

Rochester, MN 55904



Monday - Thursday 11 to 9

Friday & Saturday 11 to 10

Sunday Brunch 10 to 2

Sunday Supper 2:30 to 8





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